BUSINESS LICENSE. 611-81-28035 / MALL ORDER LICENSE. 2020-창원성산-0561

경남 창원시 성산구 완암로50 SK테크노파크 넥스동 808호

E-MAIL. CALL CENTER. 070-7525-5973

Company: 지티앤씨(주)  CEO: 차미나  Business License: 611-81-28035 

Communication Sales Business Report: 2020-창원성산-0561
Address: 경남 창원시 성산구 완암로50 SK 테크노파크 넥스동 808호

Call Center: 070-7525-5973 (AM 9 - PM 6 Lunch PM 12 - PM 1, Weekend and Holiday Off)
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